Wednesday, November 29

If it aint about the money+ July 2017

How many people know who I quoted in my title? Hip Hop Pop quiz. 

So when I got to MX I exchanged $40 for $740 MX pesos. I think that's correct. And though we went to an all inclusive resort, that money went quick! Here's what some of the money looks like.

Monday, November 27

Austin, TX+ Oasis+ April 2016

If you are going to travel you should def look on Pinterest for some attractions. Elise and I went to the Oasis in 2016. When I tell you I felt like I was in another country! I mean the view was breathetaking. We sat facing the water in a kinda balcony/ indoor/ outdoor area. The food was good and everything was well priced. The problem was it was a little hot. They had photographers come around and take your picture that you could purchase( for a fee of course). Check out these amazing pictures.

Saturday, November 25

Snapback Saturday+ 2009

Yall really dont know the life I was living...

Monday, November 13

March 2017 + SanDestin

 We stayed in the Luau II I believe. This is a tour of Me and Laquita's rooms. It's a little confusing. When we go to the outside door you open it and it opens to two doors and a hallway book case that I used to store my shoes. Laquita took the left door and I took the right. Her door opened to room that was reminiscent to a hotel. There was a bathroom, King size bed, mini frig etc. My door led to a living room, dining room, balcony, kitchen, and bathroom. We just decided to leave our doors open in case either of us needed anything.